Why I Took a Break from Blogging

Break from Blogging

Why I Took a Break from Blogging

Why I Took a Break from Blogging

When I first started blogging, my goal was to help other busy moms like me, who are trying to balance their commitments to their family, their jobs, and to themselves. The last commitment is the one that usually gets pushed aside; despite how essential self-care in allowing us to be our best selves.

However, I wasn’t getting the response that I was hoping for. It wasn’t until I read “Mastering Your Mean Girl” by Melissa Ambrosini (melissaambrosini.com) that I figured out why. I wasn’t being true to myself. I was still listening to my mean girl (also known as my negative self-talk). She was telling me that I wasn’t good enough and who did I think I was trying to tell other woman how to live their lives when I was still trying to figure out mine.

My mean girl has been my closest friend for a very long time, and it’s time to be done with her. She’s not serving me or helping me achieve my dreams. Melissa offers great advice on how to put her away and ignore her. She also offers advice on how to discover your true passions and achieve your dreams through inspiring stories, quotes, and activities.

I decided to take a break from blogging and figure out my purpose. Why I was so passionate about helping other woman balance their lives? What did I have to offer in return for their time? Why was I really blogging? What was I hoping to achieve? How did I want to help people? I had a fuzzy concept, but I needed to write it down and figure out all the details.

why I took a break from blogging

My Why

So, what is my why? First off, my professional why is that I want to help other busy, working moms be fit and fabulous. But this isn’t just about being physical fit and fabulous. I want to help woman be fit and fabulous mind, body, and soul. I’d like to help grow the light from within that helps you be the very best you that you can be; both for yourself and for your family.

My personal why is very similar to my professional why. I do care deeply about helping other moms, but I know that I also need to help myself and my family. I have all this knowledge, which I can easily offer to other people. However, I struggle to apply it to myself and be the best me that I can be for my family.

I know how hard it is to balance it all and I know how it feels to drop a few things off my plate because I couldn’t balance it all. So many days it feels like I’m walking through a fog and just going through the motions. I understand how hard it is to fight your way through the fog and come through it determined to never give up.

What Drives Me

I have a barrel of issues starting with depression and anxiety, along with a social communication disorder, poor working memory, and no spatial awareness. It’s fun. I struggle terribly in social situations and avoid talking on the phone unless absolutely necessary. I’ve a gained a lot of weight and taken it all off multiple times. And I’ve spent many years, thanks to my depression, not caring about much, especially myself.

My Boys

I have two sons, now ages 12 and 9 that need me; especially my oldest, G. Both of my children have ADHD. But that’s where it stops with my youngest, N. I describe him as a bouncy ball or a Tigger or an energetic puppy. He’s super social and does well in school, when he wants to.

G., however, also has high-functioning autism, OCD, and anxiety to go along with his ADHD. As an added problem, he’s very picky and highly sensitive to stimulants. We’ve had to stop taking his ADHD medication many times due to weight loss. At one point he was only in the 5th percentile for weight. Although he has gained weight recently, so we just started a new stimulant medication.

Middle school has been extremely rough for him. He’s young for his age to begin with, he has all his issues, and he hasn’t been on any medication to help him focus in school. Because of this h struggles with the pace, keeping track of assignment due dates, and he’s incredibly disorganized. Every week he does a full locker clean-out after school and attends a homework club. G. also does a daily check in and check out at school with one of the teachers. Despite all this he still forgets and loses things.

My Goals

I’d like to be able to home-school G., and provide social experiences for him, such as sports (he loves soccer) and social groups. However, with a full-time job working outside the home, I can’t do that now. So that’s my other why. I want to find full-time work that allows me to set my schedule and work from home. This will allow me to provide G. with the care and support he needs.

My goal as I continue writing is to offer fitness, health, motivation, and lifestyle advice to help busy working moms be fit and fabulous, mind, body, and soul. Occasionally I will also share about my life and how things continue to progress with my children and me.

I hope you’ll continue reading and share your stories with me.


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  1. Very good article and well written. the WHY is a very strong and important question. Keep on going with sharing your positive ideas, thoughts, experiences and tips. All the best for you, Hendrik

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