An Easy, But Effective Treadmill Interval Workout

Treadmill Interval Workout

Treadmill Interval WorkoutRunning outside is a great workout, but the weather isn’t always optimal. I know some people will go for a run in any weather, but I am not one of them. So I am always looking for routines to mix up my time on the treadmill. The treadmill interval workout below is pretty versatile, as it repeats the same speed circuit five times. There are also many options for modification. You can make it longer or shorter by added or removing a speed circuit or by removing or lengthening the rest times between circuits. I also add variety sometimes by gradually increasing my speed. I’ll start at six mph and increase it by .1 mph every 10 seconds, which can help to take my mind off my run on days where I’m struggling.

Treadmill Interval Workout

Start with 3-5 minutes of dynamic stretching to help warm up your muscles and prepare them for your workout. Set the treadmill to a 1% incline and leave it there for the entire workout. Finish with 5-10 minutes of foam rolling and static stretching, which will help with muscles soreness after your workout. However, if you only have time to foam roll or stretch, foam rolling is the better choice for massaging the fascia buildup that can lead to sore muscles. I recommend this 2 in 1 Foam Roller.

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I have included three different options depending upon your level of fitness or experience with running. Once one level starts to feel easy, move up to the next level or increase the incline to 2% or 3%. If you’re trying to increase your speed and endurance, I recommend doing this workout twice a week along with one steady state cardio session at a speed that you can consistently run/walk for 3 miles or 30 minutes. It’s also a good idea to include two total body strength training sessions a week.

Treadmill Interval Workout

Click here to download a printable copy.

Beat Treadmill Boredom

I know that running on the treadmill can get really boring so here are some of the things I do to make my workouts more interesting:

  1. Listen to an energetic playlist.  You can always put together your own, or you can look on Spotify or Pinterest to get ideas.
  2. Listen to a podcast. I have a bunch of podcasts that I follow on iTunes. I’ll look through the latest episodes and choose one that sounds interesting and is roughly the same length as my workout.
  3. Listen to an audio book. I have a long list of books that I’ve meant to read, but just don’t seem to find the time for. One of the ways I make time is by downloading the audio book and listening to it while I’m on my treadmill.
  4. Catch up on TV shows or watch a movie. A great way to motivate yourself could be to save your favorite show to watch only when you’re on the treadmill. This way, you start to associate your favorite show with working out and it becomes something you look forward to.
  5. Watch/listen to a Ted Talk. Similar to podcasts, choose one that sounds interesting and is roughly the same length as your workout. You can learn something and get a workout in!

Try it out and let me know what you think.



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  1. Thank you for taking the time to write an interval workout is all I can say! Without actually hiring a personal trainer, sometimes it’s difficult to motivate yourself and come up with something new and fresh so this is grea!

    1. Thank you for your comment. I certainly understand that hiring a personal trainer can be challenging. If you would like another treadmill workout, subscribe to my blog.

  2. Thanks for this! I love treadmill workouts but sometimes get bored of writing my own plans. So nice to find easy workouts like this!

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