blogging resources

Blogging Resources

blogging resources

Blogging Resources

Below is a list of blogging resources that I personally use and recommend. I am an affiliate for many of these resources, but only because I truly believe in them.


Building a Framework

blogging resources

Building a Framework: This is a fantastic resource for starting a blog. Abby from does a great job of breaking down all the steps for setting up and creating your blog. She also includes links to numerous resources to help you with the process. This was one of my first purchases when I decided I wanted to start a blog and I followed the guide step by step.



blogging resources

Ivorymix: is both a blog about blogging and a shop with beautiful stock photos. If you sign up for the newsletter not only will you get a discount code for the shop, you will also gain access to over 200 free stock photos. I’ve been working on designs with numerous photos from the freebies page. Ivorymix also has brand building collections to create a professional styled look for your blog and social media sites.

Creative Market


blogging resources


Creative Market: Creative Market is a platform for handcrafted, mousemade design content from independent creatives around the world. I’ve purchased fonts, graphic, stock photos, and blog themes. In fact my current blog theme Sprinkle, created by Restored 316, was purchases on Creative Market. They also offer 6 free products every week for download. In addition, you can create your own products to sell.

SC Stockshop


blogging resources



SC Stockshop: SC Stockshop is a site for beautiful professional photography, that you can shop for by color or by collection. You can purchase a brand builder set (I have my eye on the Happy Poppy Desktop Collection) which allows you to create a cohesive look across your site and on social media. At the bottom other images that fit with your collection are suggested.


Stock Photography

Dreamstime: Dreamstime has a huge variety of stock photos, both free and paid. They also have many different options for memberships and purchasing photos. In addition, all of their photos are royalty free. I have downloaded many different photos that I’m planning to use for posts. You can see the images I’ve already used here and here.



Amazon: I could write an entire post on why Amazon is my favorite site. However, I will focus on the tools that will help your business. First and foremost, they offer an affiliate program, which allows you to earn a commission from any product a customer buys from a link on your page. They also have a cloud drive for storing documents, and unlimited pictures. You can purchase numerous items to help your blogging, including planners and books. Plus, Amazon Prime is one of the best deals if you shop at Amazon frequently.