Finding Your Inner Strength

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inner strength

Finding Your Inner Strength

Inner strength is what helps us get through the tough times, the hard times, the times where all you really want to do is turn off the lights, get back in bed, and hide under the covers. And there are some times where that may be all you really need (well, that and wine). But hiding from the world isn’t going to help you get through the tough times, or push through and complete a challenge. And it certainly isn’t going to help  you grow.

Inner strength comes from overcoming those challenges. From pushing through and doing more than just getting by. Mental strength needs to be exercised just as mush as physical strength. You don’t expect your body to get stronger lifting the same 5 lb weights everyday. You have to increase your weights, increase your reps, push yourself in order to get stronger. Your mental strength is the same way.

The more you push through and persevere the more resilient you become, the better you bounce (read more on resiliency here: Bounce: The Art of Turning Tough Times into Triumph.) You know that you can make it through the tough times because you’ve done it before and you’ve survived. It’s never going to be easy, and every situation will be different. But you will get stronger the more you work to overcome the things you thought you couldn’t.

Here is your weekly motivation:

inner strength

What situations do you face where you struggle to find the inner strength to get through it? How do you handle feeling overwhelmed or depressed? How do you help yourself get through it?


  1. Jenny Paul says:

    Thats such a brilliant motivation – I love the gym once I am there, but when I am at home I make every excuse NOT to go!

    1. Aurora James says:

      I’m glad you liked it. It can be hard to take the leap, but once you do, you usually find out that the reward was much greater than the risk you feared.

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